Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground The Leading Civils Partner to the Construction Industry


As the UK’s leading Civils Partner in the construction industry we’ve built a strong reputation for delivering products and project solutions since 1988. 

Our nationwide-network of over 40 branches and dedicated colleagues are ready to support your National, Regional and Local campaigns by offering value and outcome focused solutions - with a huge range of materials held in stock, a civils specific fleet of FORS Gold vehicles and colleagues with expert civils product, project, technical and local knowledge.


Committed to finding new and better ways to support our customers and drive the industry forward towards a more sustainable future.

The world we operate in is complex. 

Fractured supply chains, tight budgets, an under-resourced workforce, projects struggling to stay on-track... these are the challenges we deal with day to day, and what our industry has come to expect.

At Keyline, we see a way to work differently – to the benefit of everyone involved in the lifecycle of a project, and beyond.

To work in a more collaborative and strategic way, always with an eye on the bigger picture.

To design bespoke, value- and outcome-focussed solutions that ensure projects run smoothly, anticipating and overcoming issues at the outset.

To build trusted partnerships as we shape new ways of working to deliver innovative, value-added products and services.

To find sustainable answers to the challenges our industry faces today.

There are no rules around when change should happen, what form it takes or who should drive it forward.

For us, the time is right for us to start the big conversations, to make people listen, to show how we, as an industry, can do things differently, and better.

And we’ll do that by showing our world what we can do, so that they can follow our lead.

We are the pioneers, breaking new ground with our thinking and processes.


Innovative Thinking
Unlocking Potential
Big Conversations
Sustainable Leadership


Breaking New Ground - Working in Partnership with leading suppliers