Keyline making headway at Highways UK

27th Nov 2023

With Highways UK 2023 disappearing into the rearview mirror, we look closer at the key takeaways from the event. We want to start the big conversations, help customers unlock their project potential and continue breaking new ground in the construction and civil engineering industry. To do this, you have to be in and amongst industry leaders and decision-makers – which is why Keyline was proud to attend Highways UK 2023 as exhibitors, and rub shoulders with people forging the future of our nation’s road network.

Keyline Making Headway at Highways UK - IMAGE 1

At Keyline, we’re working hard to drive forward innovation through collaboration. An event such as Highways UK offered a fantastic opportunity to open conversations with our customers and suppliers. Our technical team were on hand to chat through the support Keyline can offer designers and engineers from the very beginning of a project.

Establishing earlier collaboration between suppliers, distributors, and customers and delivering greater technical support at the design and tender stage helps us drive forward sustainable innovation, and clear up any headaches before they arise. Combined with a market-leading logistics offering, the Keyline Technical Team can offer the full service of solution engineering and product consultation to identify and solve potential challenges at the earliest possible opportunity.

Together, we can work to provide the right product, project and technical solutions to bring value to the whole customer supply chain – and it all starts with a conversation.


Of course, it wasn’t just Keyline opening discussions – our team were keen to discover insights from other experts and attendees at the event, and get involved in discussions that affect the industry as a whole. Top of the agenda was improving safety, but the discussions at Highways UK were relevant across the board, and created a sense of collective purpose that is sure to inspire the next steps for the highways industry.

National Highways declared a target of no deaths or serious injuries while travelling on or working on the road network by 2040. It’s an ambitious target, but one everyone is invested in achieving.

National Highways also stated its aim to shape the future of the road network by listening to, predicting and responding to customers' needs. They outlined the steps that need to be taken over the next few decades, breaking it down into five key themes: design, construction and maintenance; connected vehicles; customer mobility; energy and environment; and operations. This will be the road-map to follow for anyone wishing to work with National Highways in future.

Providing training opportunities to local people was another point of discussion. National Highways was keen to outline its ambition to develop a skilled workforce – and, taking it one step further, to leave a skills legacy by training local people. Offering opportunities such as the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), and teaming up with STEM Learning and The Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) to deliver education programmes were marked as key to developing the skillsets of local people. At Keyline, we have an apprenticeship scheme that is designed to support and develop individuals into a variety of roles and skillsets within the company.


Keyline was thrilled to join other industry bodies and leaders in Birmingham for Highways UK 2023. Collaboration is key to the success of projects, and events such as these are essential for starting new discussions and opening up communication channels. Pushing forward together is vital for growing and improving our industry – start your own conversation with the Keyline Technical Team today, and find out how we can help unlock your project’s potential.