Guest Blog: Tracey Concrete Cements its UK Presence

12th Dec 2023

In a significant industry development, Tracey Concrete has undertaken a strategic move that exemplifies their commitment to growth and the delivery of top-quality precast drainage solutions.

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Acquiring Stanton strengthens Tracey Concrete’s ability to serve the UK's civils merchant & groundworks contractor network. By combining their production output and resources they are poised for continued expansion. This step facilitates faster site deliveries, reduced carbon footprint as well as doubling production capacity, ensuring they can meet the evolving needs of their valued customers and partners.

Tracey Concrete was originally established in 1958 by Patrick Tracey (Senior), as a Ready-mix concrete company. Current managing director Patsy Tracey started in the business in the 1970’s expanding production to include a diverse range of pre-cast concrete products. Over the years the company's operations have steadily grown and now Tracey Concrete is recognised as one of top precast concrete suppliers in the UK & Ireland.

Tracey Concrete boasts a broad portfolio that encompasses a wide range of precast concrete solutions, including fencing, tunnelling, and various infrastructure products. This strategic diversification significantly strengthens their comprehensive industry presence, establishing them as a versatile provider capable of fulfilling a wide array of construction needs.


Tracey Concrete are now offering faster lead-times for take off’s & production for the Perfect Base™. The Perfect Base™ can be manufactured at any practical channel inlet/outlet configuration. Multiple inlets are possible at every angle from 90 degrees to 270 degrees from outlet.

Unlike traditional methods, using the Perfect Base™ skips the time-consuming processes of benching and concrete surrounds, allowing groundworkers to achieve a faster onsite turnaround.

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With an eco-friendly edge, the perfect base minimises environmental impact by reducing concrete usage. In a competitive industry, The Perfect Base™ stands out as a game-changer, setting new standards for speed, versatility, and sustainability in construction groundwork.

Available in DN1200,1500,1800 & 2100 - Visit the Perfect Base™ webpage or contact your local Keyline branch.

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Precast concrete Aqua-Slot™ Drain is the ideal linear drainage solution for schemes such as highways upgrades, dockyards, distribution centres and aviation.

This high capacity linear drainage system comprising of channel, cast-in rodding access points and catchpit sumps designed to remove surface water quickly and effectively. All sizes are manufactured in either Highways Class to E600 or Airport Class to F900 and have been independently load tested to meet criteria set in the BS EN 1433 technical specification.

The totally integrated modular system with channel design offers structural efficiency and hydraulic optimization. Its external shape is crafted for structural effectiveness, while the smooth internal bore enhances hydraulic flow efficiency. The inclusion of trapezoidal-shaped slots ensures swift water entry, further contributing to the overall efficiency of the system. This combination of features makes it a streamlined and effective solution for various applications, combining structural integrity with hydraulic performance for optimal functionality.

To find out more about AQUA SLOT™ please contact your local Keyline branch.