Guest Blog: PAM Building launch VortX aluminium roof outlets

13th May 2024

When it comes to choosing roof drainage outlets for your projects, PAM Building knows that a reliable solution is essential to safeguard your building from water damage.

PAM Building is a market-leading manufacturer of cast iron above and below-ground drainage solutions and they have extended their range of VortX outlets to include a new line of high- quality and competitive aluminium roof outlets which are manufactured here in the UK.

By manufacturing them in the UK, PAM Building’s are able to minimise transport-related carbon emissions, and provide a consistently excellent service whilst retaining total control over quality.

PAM Building Image

VortX aluminium roof outlets are durable enough to withstand the elements whilst providing a cost-effective solution, which gives customers peace of mind when it comes to water damage and its associated costs. VortX roof outlets can be fitted in almost any type of roof construction, with a comprehensive selection of accessories including threaded adaptors and extending rings.

PAM Building’s VortX range is a line of aluminium roof outlets, including vertical outlets featuring flat and domed grates, balcony and two-way outlets designed for flat roofing projects along with a selection of accessories. Both spigot and screw connection models are available.


• Lightweight yet robust, ensuring longevity and reliability 

• Made from LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy 

• Equipped with a clamping ring for a secure seal, preventing leaks and water ingress 

• Quick and hassle-free installation process, requiring minimal maintenance over a lifespan of over 40 years.

PAM Building’s believe in making the most of what they have and that extends to their products; when products have reached the end of their lives PAM Building’s don’t just throw them away! VortX roof outlets can be recycled into new products, meaning that customers get a quality solution whilst also doing their bit for the environment.

PAM Building’s have designed the range with circularity in mind and as such their aluminium roof outlets are made from 80% recycled material and are 100% recyclable at end of life. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant properties of aluminium all products in their new range have a life expectancy of over 40 years. This new range embodies their motto – safe and sustainable by nature.

PAM Building’s dedicated team of technical specialists are ready to assist in designing efficient and effective drainage systems tailored to customers specific requirements, guaranteeing compliance and optimal water management solutions.

For further information on PAM Building’s range of sustainable solutions, please visit your local Keyline branch.