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Celotex RS5000 Announcement


In March we published detail of a communication from Celotex, announcing a compliance issue with their declared full system fire performance testing for rainscreen cladding featuring the RS5000 product. This is because differences had been identified by Celotex between the rainscreen cladding system detailed under BS 8414:2 in May 2014 and the description of that system in the report of the test published in August 2014.

Celotex have commissioned a test under BS 8414:2 which aimed to mirror, as closely as possible, the system described in the August 2014 report. The test was carried out on this specific rainscreen cladding system which uses cement boards amongst other products on 4 April 2018. The test results show that the rainscreen cladding system tested (including RS5000) met the performance criteria specified in BR 1351. 
The RS5000 product range currently remains suspended.
For further details on this, please refer to: https://www.celotex.co.uk
1  BR 135 - Fire performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multi-storey buildings, Third Edition, 2013. BR 135 specifies the performance criteria for the test methodology outlined in BS 8414:2