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Becoming a learning organisation

Like many organisations we do our best to learn from incidents when they happen, but we also know that if we are to achieve our vision of ‘everyone going home safe every single day’, we need to be more inquisitive and deal with things in a fair and consistent way. To do this we are building a ‘just culture’ that helps us identify the real root causes of issues – once we know these we can really tackle things.


To help us do this, we have introduced a groundbreaking, multichannel incident reporting system that allows everyone in our organisation to tell us about safety concerns or incidents. But telling us about something is only half of the solution. We use this information to help us make the right safety improvement decisions as well. If you are a customer that comes into branch regularly, we are more than happy to provide you with access to the system so that you can tell us about any worries you might have with our arrangements.