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Whatever your requirement Keyline Geotechnics can provide a complete solution. Our range of geogrids include:


Tensar Triax Geogrids


The structural contribution made by Tensar® TriAx® geogrids is to stabilise the unbound layers of roads and trafficked areas to create a mechanically stabilised layer. Aggregate particles interlock with the geogrid and are confined within the apertures, creating an enhanced composite material with improved performance characteristics.


Combining cost savings and reduced emissions


Tensar® TriAx® geogrids combine major cost savings with considerable performance benefits in granular capping, sub-base and other aggregate layers. When compared with an unstabilised aggregate layer, TriAx® can:


  • Give savings in granular thickness of up to 50% with no performance loss
  • Provide a reduction of excavated soil together with conservation of natural aggregates
  • Control differential settlement
  • Reduce disturbance and weakening of sensitive subgrade formations
  • Improve fill compaction
  • Increase design life
  • Increase bearing capacity
  • Give savings of up to 50% on construction CO2 emissions.
  • Tensar Basetex


Tensar® Basetex products are a range of ultra high strength geotextiles manufactured using a weft insertion knitted process. Products produced from this process differ from conventional woven fabrics in that the load bearing yarns remain essentially linear. When subjected to load the yarns are able to reach full tensile strength without undergoing the elongation associated with straightening of the yarns. For the Standard Product Range, the load bearing yarns are 100% high tenacity polyester, providing excellent creep performance and high tensile modulus. The high molecular weight of the polyester yarn selected for Basetex ensures that the product is highly resistant to environmental damage within the normal range of pH and temperatures encountered in soils. Tensar® Basetex can be manufactured with longitudinal strengths up to 1200kN/m and transverse strengths up to 500kN/m.


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Tensar®, RE uniaxial geogrids are made from selected grades of high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. The long term (creep) load characteristics of Tensar® uniaxial geogrids has been extensively studied over the past 30 years and there is independent certification attesting their suitability for reinforced soil structures with a design life of 120 years. Tensar® uniaxial geogrids are very durable and robust. Their long term strength and partial factors used to determine design strength have been well tested and documented. Available in a range of strengths, they are characterised by long, slim apertures and integral junctions, designed to interlock with fill materials, which makes them a key component in TensarTech Earth Retaining Systems. With long slim apertures that produce high strength in the direction of roll length, these are a key component in any design. The integral junctions and stiff transverse ribs of Tensar® uniaxial geogrids enable the use of purpose made connectors to form high strength connection to modular blocks in TensarTech Wall Systems. The TensarTech Systems that incorporate Tensar® uniaxial geogrids come with full support from experienced engineers, who can offer everything up to a full design and supply service to help you find the most suitable solution for your project.