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Erosion control

Geoweb® is the original cellular confinement system for soil stabilisation and erosion control. It provides innovative, sustainable solutions to challenging soil stabilisation problems and turf protection needs.


Geoweb® Slope Protection and Cellular Confinement


The Geoweb® slope and shoreline protection system confines, reinforces and restrains the upper soil layer and infill, controlling down-slope movement and slippage due to hydrodynamic and gravitational forces.


Provides effective slope protection and structural confinement of topsoil/vegetation and granular materials such as sand, gravel and larger rock or stone


Becomes a flexible concrete mat with built-in expansion joints when cells are infilled with concrete


Meets a wide range of structural and hydraulic requirements as single or multi-layered systems


Creates additional stability by integrating tendons on steeper slopes and shoreline embankments or when a geomembrane or hard soil/rock surface prevents anchoring with stakes.


Geoweb® Load Support


The Geoweb® load support system stabilises the selected infill and provides solutions in three key areas: A load distribution system over weak soils, a base stabilisation for paved surfaces and as surface stabilisation for unpaved surfaces. Confined infill in the system produces a stiff layer with high flexural strength.


Geoweb® System Keys and Anchors


The Atra® Key is the newest innovation by Presto Geosystems for faster and more cost-efficient construction of Geoweb® projects.Developed for installation speed, productivity and overall economics, the versatile Atra® Key connects Geoweb® sections with one quick and easy turn. The Atra® Key is suitable for connecting Geoweb® sections through material slots both end-to-end and side-to-side, providing a more secure load-transfer connection than with other devices


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Terram Geocell is a relatively shallow cellular confinement system which is used to combat erosion on slopes up to 1:1. The geocell is fabricated using a geotextile so it is permeable and allows water to flow between cells encouraging drainage and vegetation. It is supplied as compact man-handleable panels ready to be expanded on site to 5m x 7m or 6m x 3m areas with a honeycomb of diamond-shaped cells that are 100mm, 150mm or 200mm deep. 


Once placed and secured on the slope, the geocell can be filled with soil or a mineral fill. The result is that the confined fill is able to better resist the erosive effects of wind and run-off. The expanded panels should be fixed at every perimeter cell and at 1m centres throughout using steel fixing pins. The geocell is flexible enough to be formed around trees and other obstacles. Seeded topsoil is the most suitable fill for lessexposed slopes, with small shrubs offering improved protection, whilst a granular material offers the highest protection.


Permanent erosion controls


The permanent turf reinforcement mat shall be a machine produced mat of 100% UV stable polypropylene fibre. The matting shall be of consistent thickness with the synthetic fibres evenly distributed over the entire area of the mat. The matting shall be covered on the top side with black heavyweight UV stabilised polypropylene netting having ultraviolet additives to delay breakdown and an approximate 1.27 x 1.27cm mesh. The bottom net shall also be UV stabilised polypropylene with a 1.57 x 1.57cm mesh size. The blanket shall be sewn together on 3.81cm centres with nondegradable thread. All mats shall be manufactured with a coloured thread stitched along both outer edges as an overlap guide for adjacent mats.


Biodegradable erosion control:


Covamat Plus 


Erosion control and vegetation establishment in one step. The standard Covamats are a 10-15mm thick quilted straw/hay and/or coir fibre mats with added mulches and a choice of seeds incorporated during manufacture, or we can incorporate your specific seed mix. Covamat Plus improves poor soil conditions due to the incorporation of specially developed organic fertilisers and dry micro-organisms. This seed, fertiliser and dry micro-organism combination helps to guarantee the best possible germination results for the grass seed within our Covamats.


Covamat Fresh


The fastest germination speed for pre-seeded erosion control blankets Newly developed organic erosion control blankets with all the benefts of Covamat Plus and the added component of 5mm top soil. The soil layer allows the incorporated seeds to start to germinate almost immediately which means the blankets must be installed on delivery to site. Covamat Fresh has the fastest germination speed for pre-seeded erosion control blankets in our industry as a result of the soil addition.




Organic erosion control mats without seeds. For slope and embankment stabilisation in various versions of fibre combinations for short-medium-long-term degradation. Various supporting nets incorporated to meet specific tensile strength requirements. These mats require under seeding for fast vegetation establishment.

Eromats are approximately 7mm thick quilted straw/hay and/or coir fibre mats for separate seeding or planting. With our own manufacturing facilities we are constantly developing and upgrading, enabling us to produce GREENFIX Eromat blankets with balanced fibre distribution of a very high quality, giving the best possible results in erosion control.




The benefits of Eromat with additional steel reinforcement Manufactured from (coir/straw and F3) fibres with a choice of galvanised or hexagonal twist steel wire. Greenfix Rockmat provides additional long term support and protection to vulnerable slopes. Superb vegetation establishment is possible due to the Eromat blanket protecting young seedlings and upper reinforcement ensures prevention of slope face degradation from water run off or frost heave.




Manufactured from 100% high quality bristle coir fibres, Geocoir erosion control netting is produced from spun coir twine and is available in rolls 2.0m x 20m at 700g/m2. Also available in 400g/m2 and 900g/m2 in rolls 2.0m x 50m. Geocoir provides a strong and durable short to mid term protection with an anticipated decomposition longevity of over 5 years. Geocoir is available in larger rolls if required, however consideration must be given to roll weight and manageability.



Manufactured from unbleached jute fibre, Geojute® is a lightweight yet effective net for use in the prevention of erosion. Geojute® will typically degrade in one season and is used where short term protection is required. Geojute® holds up to 5 times its own weight in water and when used in conjunction with hydraseeding can be invaluable for the establishment of new grass seedlings.