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Rail Products


Our range of construction materials and solutions for railway embankments includes:

We supply a range of gabion systems, which are manufactured from welded panels of wire mesh, assembled into a box and filled with stone or rock. Applications include mass gravity retaining walls, landfill, acoustic barriers, river and coastal protection, weirs, abutments and temporary works. We deliver gabions to your site flat packed for easy self-assembly, and can also supply woven mesh gabions and mattresses.

When aesthetics matter, these textured blocks are secured to the exterior gabion wall to give the appearance of a natural rock face with no visible mesh wires. Blocks are secured to the gabion and are available as full, half and end bocks so they can be used in a stretcher bond laying pattern.
The Redi-rock retaining wall system is a smart, space-saving solution for landscaping and flood protection. The interlocking one-tonne blocks can be used to create freestanding structures or as a gabion facing. 
Rock-fall protection netting
Manufactured in the same way as the gabion mesh fabric, this woven wire mesh works by either curtain meshing the rock faces to hold or control falling rock, or by catch walling – using a freestanding gabion wall to withstand the impact of falling rocks.
Rabbit and badger netting
An effective, low-cost solution for protecting against the damage caused by burrowing wildlife. Netting is available in a range of heights and mesh sizes and is heavily galvanised to prevent corrosion.


To find out more, download the embankments way section of our rail guide, or contact our National Rail Office on 0344 892 2677 or rail@keyline.co.uk