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Infrastructure products


We supply a huge range of ducting systems, troughing and marker tapes. You'll find:


HDPE ducting systems


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) duct is available in solid-wall, twin-wall smooth bore and single-wall corrugated profiles. It’s lightweight, flexible, impact resistant, needs minimal preparation and features push-fit joints for easy installation.


HDPE access chambers


Chambers are made in strong, rigid single sections that can be stacked to reach the right height. A wide range is available, all with performed pre-panned rings to take up to 160mm ducting. 


Composite covers


Our high-impact composite covers match the most popular access chamber sizes. Covers are supplied with galvanised steel frames with a non-slip surface.


Cubis MULTIduct™ 


A lightweight, strong and robust multiple duct system made from 70% recycled HDPE. Metre-long sections connect easily steel clips or a push-fit system and it can be buried at much shallower depths than usual, meaning less excavation work is needed. We also supply a range of accessories to overcome bends, break out of runs and interface with standard duct. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Telecommunications and fibre optic duct


Our telecommunications ducting systems are fully approved for use on the national BT network. We also supply a range of parts to repair damaged or jointed duct in the field.


PVC-U primary duct systems


Manufactured from virgin PVC-U polymer for ultimate reliability and performance, and available in a range of sizes and wall thicknesses to meet standard and bespoke requirements. Accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.


HDPE sub duct and duct systems


HDPE duct is lightweight, flexible and easy to work with, while being strong, impact resistant and immune to many chemicals and sources or corrosion. Supplied in sizes from 16mm to 250mm and in continuous lengths of up to 4000m. 




Solid-wall green uPVC ducts conform to BS EN50086-2-4 and can be used for BT network cabling and telecommunications cabling


Power Duct


We supply Emtelle UK’s range of Power Duct systems and accessories for underground power cables. These systems are now specified and used by all major distribution network operators, including, EDF, United Utilities, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy, Western Power and ESB Ireland. We supply Class I, Class II and Class III duct systems. 


Power Duct HDPE duct systems


These coiled solid-wall HDPE duct systems are used for power cables and specialist applications. HDPE duct is lightweight, flexible and easy to work with, while being strong, impact resistant and immune to many chemicals and sources or corrosion.


Precast cable trough ducting systems


We offer a specialist range of precast reinforced concrete cable troughs and ducting systems used to house and protect most types of services, including power and communication cables and pipes for gas, water and chemicals. All are designed and tested for loading group class to BS EN 124.


HDPE and GRP troughing


Originally developed to use alongside rail tracks, HDPE and GRP troughs have many different applications. Keyline's range of troughing offers a lighter, more economical alternative to concrete, offering fast installation times and secure locking to prevent unauthorised access. 


Underground warning mesh tapes


Colourful warning tape is designed to provide a warning to excavators and minimise potential damage to services. Detectable warning meshes, containing steel tracer wires that can be found using standard cable and pipe locators, are also available.  


Cable protection covers


We supply PE, Stokbord® and rigid uPVC cable protection covers in a range of sizes, colours and warning messages.