Meeting our customers expectations and delivery requirements when they place an order is always a priority. Our teams work hard to deliver orders accurately and on time, every time.


Changes to our delivery service in 2020 are designed to improve how we work together, so you and your team can get on with your day, knowing that you can trust us to deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.




By working together at the point of order we aim to have your order completed and delivered as safely and efficiently.


To allow us to do this, we will ask you key information when you place your order:

● Your required delivery 

● Accurate delivery location details 

● Site contact - name and mobile number

● Any site safety information and/or delivery restrictions

● Email address for POD



On the day of your delivery, a SMS notification will let you know when you will receive your delivery and what you will receive, it will also provide delivery tracking. A further SMS notification will tell your team when we are close-by, so that you can prepare for our arrival. Buyers can rest assured that if they place an order with us their site agents are being kept informed and can plan their days knowing they can trust us to deliver what they need, when promised.


We take great care to get it right the first time, and plan to notify you ahead of any product shortages or changes to your delivery. 

In addition, all our deliveries will provide an electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) so you will have a record of what you’ve received one the delivery is complete. 



Our number one priority here at Keyline is always safety, loading is carefully planned so the driver can keep their feet on the ground and doesn’t have to work at height, and we use pre-slinging loads and specialist attachments to make the delivery safe for everyone. 


By always taking site safety information and/or delivery restrictions at time of order we are working together to ensure that we offload safely and efficiently. In addition our drivers will record site hazards for their next visit or to share with other driver colleagues, keeping everyone safer on site.


Please speak to your local branch to find out more.