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Cable Protection

In this section you will find:

Ducting Systems

HDPE duct is available in solid wall, twin wall smooth bore and single wall corrugated profiles. The lightweight, flexible duct copes with trench undulations and high impact resistance minimises special preparation of beds and eliminates the need for special surrounds in most instances. The duct has push fit joints for ease of installation and HDPE flexibility minimises the need for special bends. Duct is colour coded to end user requirements and can be printed to individual requirements.

Access chambers 
HDPE chamber sections are manufactured in one piece for high strength and rigidity. Identical sections can be stacked to obtain therequired height. A wide range of chamber sections are available, all of which have preformed pre-panned rings that take up to 160mm ducting. Hole sizes are designed to provide a ‘snug fit’ but to allow for variations in duct entry angle. The lightweight sections are surrounded by in-situ concrete and offer substantial savings over traditional chambers.

Composite covers 
High impact composite covers are available to complement the most popular access chamber sizes. The covers are supplied with galvanised steel frames. The standard colour is black, with a non-slip surface. As standard, Keyline stock covers and frames badged ‘Traffic Signal’ or ‘Street Lighting’ which come with a locking facility included.


MULTIduct™ is a multiple duct system, duct  banks are built by connecting nominal 1 metre long sections, either by a steel clip or a pushfit system. There is also a range of accessories that offer flexibility in construction. MULTIduct™ is manufactured from nitrogen foamed high density polyethylene, which offers high strength-to-weight properties, resulting in a product that has high crush resistance but can be lifted by a single person (all parts are below 25kg).  MULTIduct™ has held long-standing approvals and has been installed across the world for more than 30 years.

  • Customer base includes national highways agencies, water utilities, power utilities and telecommunications operators, rail network operators, Government bodies worldwide.
  • 4, 6 or 9 way options.
  • Each duct space is equivalent to 110mm single duct (160mm option available in 4 way). 
  • Each section is 1120mm long (lay length is 1070mm). 
  • Units have socket (female) and spigot (male) joints and are connected by clip-fix or push-fit. 
  • Accessories to manage common bends, duct configurations and for interfaces with traditional single ducts and access chambers.

Telecommunications and Fibre Optics

Telecommunications ducting systems supplied by Keyline are fully approved for use on the national BT network. This ducting system is available in 54mm or 96.5mm manufactured in uPVC (BT = grey duct).

Power Duct

Emtelle UK have developed a comprehensive range of Power Duct  systems and accessories designed to meet performance requirement for underground power cables. Our duct meets the industry standard EATS 12-24 revision 2. Our systems include: 

  • Class 1 Solid Wall PVC-U Duct System guaranteeing 450N compression performance at operating temperatures up to 75°C
  • Class 2 Solid Wall PVC-U Duct System guaranteeing 450N compression performance at operating temperatures up to 50°C
  • Class 3 coiled Solid Wall HDPE duct systems for service cables and specialist applications.

Emtelle Power Duct Systems are now specified and used by all major Distribution Network Operators including: EDF, YEDL/NEDL, United Utilities, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy, Western Power, NIE and ESB Ireland.

Precast Cable Trough Ducting Systems

We offer a specialist range of precast reinforced concrete cable troughs and ducting systems used to house and protect most types of services, including power and communication cables and pipes for gas, water and chemicals. Access troughs and ducts can be buried underground, located above, or flush with surface levels to provide protection against accidental or malicious damage and to offer easy access for maintenance and repair. Three types of flush fitting lids are supplied in either reinforced precast concrete, GRP composite, or steel tray. All are designed and tested for loading group class to BS EN 124. Typical duct applications include; rail and highway infrastructure; power stations; gas, oil and chemical installations; industrial, commercial and domestic developments; docks and harbours; water and sewage treatment plants.

HDPE and GRP Troughing

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin)

Although developed for use alongside rail tracks, GRP & HDPE troughs can be used for many different applications such as power stations. Keyline’s range of troughing offers a modern alternative to concrete which has been the standard method of construction in the power/water industry for many years. The range is manufactured from lightweight plastic materials but stands up to the requirements of being installed in trackside environments.

HDPE Trough

  • Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene
  • Each unit weighs under 15kg
  • 1m long lengths connect using unique ‘twist and lock’ mechanism
  • Covers lock and hinge on either side
  • Can be securely locked to prevent unauthorised access
  • Internal: 236mm (w) x 200mm (d) x 1000mm (l).

GRP Trough

  • Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin
  • Can be made fire retardant for use in tunnels
  • Each unit weighs under 9kg
  • 1m long lengths connect using unique jointing pegs
  • Covers lock and hinge on either side
  • Can be securely locked to prevent unauthorised access
  • Internal: 154mm (w) x 95mm (d) x 1000mm (l).

Marker Tapes 

Underground buried pipes and cables can be marked with a warning mesh, designed to provide a visible warning to excavators, minimising potential damage to the services below.

Underground Warning Mesh
Utilitape underground warning net is brightly coloured, has a central strip that can be printed with a warning message for easy recognition during excavation and is manufactured and tested in compliance with BS EN 12613:2009.  Underground warning mesh is manufactured to this European Norm and has been independently tested and approved. Our own in-house crate test and laboratory ensures consistent quality and standards are maintained to conform to BS EN 12613:2009.

  • Manufactured to order in any colour, warning message, roll size and plastic mesh grade.
  • Special manufacture is available, with tapes printed in many colours, roll sizes, printed texts and languages. 

Detectable Marker Tapes

Detectable Warning Tape
Plastic pipes, fibre optic cables and unenergised cables cannot be located using standard cable avoidance tools. A detectable underground warning tape allows traceability of the buried service, while warning of the danger beneath to future rogue excavators.
Wavelay is a detectable warning tape with embedded steel tracer wires that can be located using standard cable and pipe locators used with non-metallic pipes and un-energised cables. As a backup, the highly-visible, printed tape will also show within the spoil during any subsequent excavation.

Detectable Mesh
With a traceable stainless steel wire laminated between a printed underground warning tape and plastic mesh, underground services can be located using a CAT and Genny while providing a clearly visible warning of the danger below.
TERRAM Detectamesh is a high-strength, rot-resistant polypropylene mesh incorporating a traceable stainless steel wire or aluminium foil, and overprinted with a warning message in black. It can be located using standard cable and pipe locators used with non-metallic pipes and unenergised cables. The highly-visible mesh will show within the spoil during any subsequent excavation. TERRAM Detectamesh is laid at half depth in the trench above a pipe or a cable.

For mre information Download a PDF of the Cable Protection section of our Utilities Guide here.