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Building Materials

In this section youl will find:

Titan high containment kerb ® 

Titan is a high containment kerb system designed to redirect vehicles onto their intended path and prevent overrun of vulnerable areas adjacent to the carriageway. The size and shape of the Titan Kerb provides a visual warning to the driver as well as a two stage physical deterrent to over-riding by vehicles. The splayed lower profile allows tyres to ride up the kerb compressing the suspension, guiding the vehicle back on to the carriageway. The bulbous outer profile deflects low speed impact with minimum damage to vehicle tyres and wheels and without excessive shock. As the vehicle is kept moving, the risk of collision by following vehicles is also reduced. Alternative HGV kerb also available.

Kerbs and Edging

Standard Kerbs
All straight kerbs listed are 914mm (3ft) standard lengths. The 125 x 255 HB2 is also available in 609mm (2ft) lengths.

Traffic management 

Keyline Utilities can now offer a range of traffic management solutions. We specialise in standard and bespoke solutions to fit your requirements.

  • Barriers
  • Traffic calming
  • Traffic separators
  • Trench covers
  • Cones
  • Lighting
  • Signage.

Key benefits:

  • Advice on legislation
  • Chapter 8 compliance
  • Available in various colours*
  • Branded barriers and cones*
  • Bespoke signage for road closures, event management and others
  • Available for hire** or purchase.

* Subject to minimum order quantity.

** Hire not available on branded items.

For more information Download a PDF of the Building Materials section of our Utilities Guide here.