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Station and Platforms

Our Stations and platforms products can offer technical and value engineered solutions such as:

Platform Copings

Platform copings are generally laid on sand/cement mortar to suit. A 16mm diameter dowel bar should be installed where necessary.

  • Three standard railway platform copings are available in sizes as detailed
  • Available with white or yellow front edge markings for visual warning.

Platform Edge Warning Paving

Platform edge warning paving is generally laid on a minimum 50mm thickness mortar bed. It is recommended that all joints between copings and edge warning paving should be no less than 10mm in width and are joined with Thioflex 600.

  • The profile of the platform edge warning paving surface consists of offset rows of flat topped domes
  • The blisters and colour provide a warning for the visually impaired
  • Available in Grey, Buff and Charcoal.

Oversail Blocks

  • Oversail blocks are solid and shaped to the platform edge
  • Available as semi-dry blocks and as wet cast.

Ceramic Tactiles

To complement our existing safety floor tile range, Dorset Woolliscroft now offers 400 x 400 x 12.5mm tactile surfaces in Blister and Corduroy profiles, which conform to British and European standards and meet the requirements of the Joint Mobility Unit of the RNIB, DETR and the CAE. The fully vitrified porcelain floor tiles contain aggregate throughout the tile body, making them exceptionally hard wearing with sustainable qualities to meet the most demanding external weather conditions and installations.

  • Excellent choice for very heavy traffic areas such as public transport environments
  • 12.5mm thick tiles
  • Available in 2 contrasting colours Anthractite 8LRV and Sand 41LRVOffer exceptional performance and safety standards
  • Fully vitrified with aggregate throughout, offering exceptional wear & sustainable qualities
  • Dorset Woolliscroft the UK’s leading brand offering “The Safest Choice in Floor Tiles” for all railway and public transport environments.

Tactile Anti-Slip System

This system requires no drilling for installation and will permanently bond to most surfaces. The anti-slip inserts are available in any RAL colour as well as metallic and luminous for safety areas.

Modern stainless steel tactile studs with colour contrasting antislip resin insert to provide an EA2010 compliant tactile on platform edges. Approved for use on overground and underground stations under LU 1-085 regulation and endorsed for use by Network Rail. Eliminates all landfill /asbestos issues and reduces installation time and costs. Bumpeez can be applied direct to the surface using a guaranteed adhesive, or supplied as standard drill option. Fitted on site for refurbishment works or fitted off site on new works if required.

Modern stainless steel corduroy trims with colour contrasting antislip resin insert to provide an EA2010 compliant hazard warning strip for stairs and ramps. Approved for use on overground and underground stations under LU 1-085 regulation and endorsed for use by Network Rail. Fixes directly to existing substrates to provide an instant hazard warning, eliminating landfill/asbestos issues and reduces installation time. Can be fitted on site for refurbishment projects or fitted off site on new works.

MULTIduct for UTX/URX systems


  • Under track crossings
  • Under road crossings
  • Buried cable routes
  • Linear routes
  • Bridge crossing
  • Tunnels
  • Station renewals

Adhesive Tactile Platform Hazard Warning Paving

A uniquely manufactured acrylic tile designed for use on underground and undercover railway platforms complies with the rigorous requirements laid down by London Underground for surface spread of flame, toxicity and smoke density. These tiles come with an ultra rapid set acrylic adhesive which gives the benefit of reduced platform closure time. This type of system is solvent free, non-slumping and adheres to most standard surfaces including concrete, asphalt and steel.

Cubis AX-S - Recessed Covers

CUBIS Industries is the manufacturer of AX-S™ Recessed Covers for covering openings in landscaped areas. The AX-S™ range has developed a reputation in the construction industry for being high-quality, safe to use, value for money and secure when installed. Frames are available in three different depths to accomodate different infill materials and application areas and a wide range of standard clear opening sizes are available. CUBIS also has the ability to produce any bespoke size.

Cubis Modula Access Chambers and Composite Access Covers

STAKKAbox™ modula access chambers are commonly used on station platforms to provide access to services. Modula access chambers are fast to install, possess excellent strength qualities (up to 40 tonnes vertical load) and all parts are less than 25kg, making it suitable for a single person to install. Modula consists of sectional, preformed rings that are available in a wide range of sizes.

Cast Iron Soil, Drain Systems and Floor Drains - Ensign & Timesaver

The Ensign cast iron above and below ground drainage system is the only cast iron system with BS Kitemark approval as well as BBA certification 95/3125. Available in a range of diameters between 50 and 600mm this range of cast iron pipes and fittings are assembled with ductile iron mechanical couplings as well as ductile iron support brackets. Several options for access fittings and connections for waste pipes are available.

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