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Gabions are manufactured from dimensionally stable panels of mesh that are formed by welding transverse and longitudinal wires at each and every intersection to form a grid. The gabion box is then part assembled by hinging the face, back, sides and internal diaphragms to the base panel and the lid to the rear panel with ‘C’ rings or clips. The units are transported to site flat packed with lacing wire as standard for on site erection.


Rock filled gabions have been around for many years. The success of the welded mesh gabion system has resulted in a much higher quality of installation with them now becoming the market leader for architectural, commercial, housing and landscaping solutions to retaining and cladding structures.

Cellular Confinement®

Erosion control 
Erosion occurs when the forces exerted by water or wind dislodge and transport away soil particles. The amount of erosion depends on the strength of the wind/water, the dimensions of the slope (height, length and steepness) and type of soil. Many variables affect the installation and performance of cellular confinement systems, including slope grade, subsurface stability, infill material, rainfall and artificial watering conditions, hydraulic characteristics of ground water flow and sub-base anchoring quality. It is important therefore that due consideration is given to all relevant design criteria on a project specific basis.
Keyline Rail offer both the Terram geocell geotextile based system and the hdpe Presto geoweb original geocell cellular confinement system. Cellular confinement systems are suitable for cut or fill embankments, dams or spillways, revetments, abutment protection, geomembrane protection, soil-nailing cover, and also for tree root protection where cellular confinement is a suggested solution in no dig situations under arboricultural practice note apn12.


The Redi-Rock™ retaining wall system is an ingenious, space saving solution for the retention of earth for a wide range of retaining, force protection, landscaping and flood protection applications. This ‘big block system’ has the appearance of stone and is versatile enough to achieve height without compromising strength. Each one tonne block interlocks with the next and is dry laid, resulting in extremely fast installation times and cost savings.

Rock Fall Protection

Rock fall protection netting is a hexagonal woven wire mesh manufactured in the same method as the gabion mesh fabric. A woven mesh is preferable to a welded mesh as it can follow the contours of the rock face.

Rock fall protection can be dealt with in two ways:

  • By curtain meshing the rock faces
  • By catch walling

By curtain meshing the face, falling rocks can be either held in place by pinning the mesh to the rock strata or by draping it over the face guiding the falling rocks harmlessly to the base of the escarpment. The mesh facing normally has vertical and/or horizontal cabling secured to the mesh/rock to provide fixity and integrity to the jointing of the panels. It is normal to seek advice from specialist installation companies as to the design of this type of work. Additional anchoring of large unstable rock masses on the face may be required. Catch walling is a freestanding gabion wall of sufficient mass to withstand impact of falling rocks. Location of the catch wall and height of the wall is important to ensure the trajectory of the falling rocks will be impacted on or behind the wall.


Manufactured from (coir/straw and F3) fibres with a choice of galvanised or hexagonal twist steel wire. Rockmat provides additional long term support and protection to vulnerable slopes.
Superb vegetation establishment is possible due to the Eromat blanket protecting young seedlings and upper reinforcement ensures prevention of slope face degradation from water run off or frost heave.


  • Chalk and rock slopes
  • Temporary cuttings
  • High energy erosion areas
  • Windy sites
  • To prevent burrowing vermin.

Rockmat provides a highly effective anti-vermin protection layer where rabbits and foxes, etc., are likely to create slope instability due to burrowing. Rockmat is available with coir fibre or coir/straw fibre matrix or F3. Coir fibres will last 3-5 years.

Rabbit / Badger Netting

Delivers an effective and low-cost solution for controlling rabbits and badgers, preventing the damage and economic loss they can cause.

  • Available in a range of heights and mesh sizes, including premium and budget, for a choice of cost effective solutions
  • Suitable for a variety of applications and environments, including Rabbit and Badger Control 


  • Heavily galvanised to BS EN 10244 Class A.

Biodegradable Erosion Control

C350 is composed of a permanent, high strength, three-dimensional matting structure, incorporated with a 100% coconut fibre matrix that supplements the permanent matting structure’s initial mulching and erosion control capabilities for up to 36 months. 

Download the Embankments section of our Rail Guide here.