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Tree Root & Grass Protection  

The majority of a tree’s root system is contained within the top three feet of the surface, and construction excavation and compaction can damage or even destroy roots to the point where trees may not survive. Tree Root Protection (TRP) systems should be eco-friendly as well as comply with local standards and regulations.

Geoweb & Subbase
The Geoweb® Solution: Tree Root Protection (TRP) System 

Used extensively in civil engineering construction for over 30 years, the Geoweb® system is a three-dimensional structure that:

  • Provides strength to confined soils
  • Distributes loads laterally, not vertically
  • Reduces point loads
  • Reduces compaction of the subsoil.

Manufactured from high quality, high-strength polyethylene with a textured surface and perforated walls, Geoweb® cells with selected infill control shearing, lateral and vertical movement, and reduce subbase depth requirements. The Geoweb® system is a Low Impact Development (LID) solution with exceptional load-bearing capabilities and environmental benefits. The system has a long history of solving heavy load support problems for roadways, road base support, parking lots, road shoulders, ports, trucking/intermodal terminals and railroads. 

Grass Protection Blocks

SCS Integra - SCS Integra is a modular unit which works in conjunction with adjacent units to form an exceptionally durable, permanently porous, high load bearing paving structure which, when correctly installed, presents either grass or aggregate in completed form – thereby constituting a highly aesthetic and permanently porous wearing surface.

Truckpave - Manufactured from recycled plastics, Truckpave cellular paving is robust, durable and capable of withstanding all levels of traffic up to and including coaches, dustcarts and HGVs.

Truckpave’s cells can be filled with either grass seed/topsoil or gravel, making them suitable for stabilising areas where a grass or stone surface is desirable. Truckpave pavers are economic, environmentally-friendly and a lightweight alternative to concrete grasscrete-type pavers. Truckpave 80 and Truckpave 100 comply with the HSE manual-handling limit (concrete units exceed this limit).

ACO GroundGuard ACO GroundGuard is a lightweight ground reinforcement system ideal for grass or gravel stabilisation. This type ofsurface helps to reduce the risks of potholes, rutting or grass damage.

Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, the system is exceptionally lightweight and strong, making installation quick and easy. ACO GroundGuard is suitable for a wide range of applications including paths, drives, parking areas and access routes.Correctly fitted, ACO GroundGuard has been certified to 250 tonnes per square metre, more than enough for almost any application. In addition, ACO GroundGuard is over 90% porous, reducing the rate of surface water run-off and saving cost on unnecessary drainage installation.

Grass/Turf Mesh

Tough, flexible and long lasting grass protection mesh. In a range of weights and roll size of 2m x 20m. Can be effectively employed over stable ground by simply unrolling and anchoring adjacent and successive lengths using either metal or plastic fixing pins.

After a suitable period of time, the grass will grow through the mesh and reach a convenient height to be mown. The area quickly adopts a natural appearance with the grass plants intertwined with the mesh to provide permanent protection against wear. Installation is best carried out during the growing season to allow a strong interlock between the mesh and the sward, although Aztex Grass Protector can be installed throughout the year as appropriate.


Keyline Geotechnics offer two Rootcells. The original RootCell and StrataCell, which was developed primarily to provide a large module with more space for extensive root growth in large-canopy trees.


  • RootCells have been independently proven to sustain evenly distributed loads of up to 80 tonnes per m2
  • When loaded with top soil, a RootCell module is 92% soil by volume
  • Maximises the rooting area for urban trees
  • Constructed from 100% recycled plastic


  • Designed to support enormous vertical as well as lateral loads
  • Excellent modular strength
  • Integrated matrix means modules are simple and fast to click together
  • In excess of 94% of total soil volume is available for treeroot growth
  • Generously designed apertures permit common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems
  • Significant volume reduction for freight and lower transport costs
  • Made from 100% postindustrial waste material


Rubber Playmat is an environmentally friendly, non-slip, impact absorbing safety surface manufactured from recycled rubber. Supplied in 1m x 1.5m mats 23mm thick. Mats weigh 18kg each.


  • Absorbs shock and noise
  •  Critical fall height of 3metres, tested by RAPRA
  • Tested to BS EN1177:1998 3 Metre Critical Fall Height
  • Moulded non-slip cellular structure with excellent durability and comfort
  • Requires no special skills or tools allowing a quick and easy installation
  • No costly base works (as required for conventional tiles or wet pour)
  • Ideal for green field sites,
  • disappears from view once turf has re-grown
  • Can be used on flat or contoured landscapes
  • Suitable for all weather, extreme temperatures and resists wind uplift
  • Large openings of 2.5cm diameter allow liquid and debris to drain, keeping surface dry and clean
  • Wheelchair and pushchair accessible.


  • To install rubber matting on grass simply lay it onto the ground and secure with fixing pegs
  • The grass will grow through the mesh providing a stable and durable surface
  • On hard surfaces no fixing pegs are required.

Other applications:

  • Walkways and bridges which have become slippery
  • Wheelchair access
  • Wash down and wet areas
  • Anti-fatigue mats.

Download a PDF of our Geotechnics Guide here