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Landfill & Contaminated Land

Marker Layer Geotextiles and Mesh

With the increasing re-use of land there is a requirement for an orange marker layer for separating contaminated soils where land contamination can cause a significant environmental issue on land remediation projects. Keyline Geotechnics offer a range of orange marker geotextiles including Lotrak Alarm 18 (on page 4) and Terram 1000 orange (on page 6). We also offer heavier weights including a 300gsm orange protection fleece. 

Landfill Liners and Capping Layers 

Drainage Geocomposites for landfill and contaminated land applications:
Geocomposite drains comprise two or three elements; a filter fabric, a free draining core and a filter fabric or impermeable membrane. They are purposely designed to replace ‘traditional’ drainage solutions such as low fines graded stone and are highly effective in the collection and conveyance of both liquids and gases. They offer a low weight, easy to handle, factory controlled, environmentally friendly alternative to ‘traditional’ methods in a number of applications including road and structural drainage, green roofs, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and in the collection and venting of landfill leachate and gases.
Keyline Geotechnics range of geomembranes and geotextiles provide a cost-effective and assured method of creating impermeable barriers. For the sealing and capping of contaminated ground we offer a range of liners both smooth and textured.

For more information Download a PDF of our Geotechnics Guide here