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Composition: Drainage core with filter/separator bonded to one side and a barrier bonded to the other
Core: Extruded polyethylene (PE) net Filter/Separator Non-woven geotextile manufactured from fibres with polypropylene core (70%)/polyethylene sheath (30%)
Barrier: Extruded geomembrane (PE/EVA)

General area drainage: Combinations of drainage cores and filters are proven for controlling ground water and preventing the build up of pore water.
Landfill and contaminated land: Isolation of wastes and the associated collection of leachate and landfill gas have led to a significant use of geosynthetics, not least because of the increasing costs and thickness of mineral layers. Geosynthetics are not only easier to install but provide a more consistent, quality solution and they can be engineered to provide the appropriate in-service properties.
Gas migration and protection: Gases can be collected and conveyed via simple combinations of cuspated drainage cores and filter geotextiles.

Hydraway is an innovative product specifically designed for effective drainage of groundwater. It has been widely used and tested throughout the world. The drain consists of a geotextile fusion bonded to an integral core, thus eliminating the risk of soil intrusion common on other fin drain systems. It has excellent clog resistance and high flow rates whilst maintaining optimum filtration. The polythene core is designed to give maximum support to the geotextile.

The Hydraway drain has a minimum permeable surface area of 75% which compares with 5% common in perforated plastic pipe systems. This allows rapid removal of water through all faces and the clog resistance of the geotextile ensures the system remains silt free, again a common problem with other pipe systems. Hydraway has crushing strengths in excess of 600kN/m2 and is manufactured from polymers resistant to degradation by common chemicals, acids, alkalis and bacteria.

Type 5 Findrain
Type 5 Findrain is a geocomposite drainage system which is used for a wide range of applications in highways and civil engineering projects with significant cost and timesaving advantages over traditional drainage solutions. Type 5 Findrain is used to replace conventional wide width stone drainage systems which are costly and damaging to the environment as large quantities of stone have to be quarried and transported to site.

Excavated material is in many situations sent to landfill – Type 5 Findrain allows arisings to be used as backfill, saving on landfill tax and transport costs. Type 5 Findrain is a composite system consisting of a dimpled HDPE core and a filter geotextile. The Type 5 Findrain works by creating open voids through which water can flow and be channelled to a carrier pipe and transported to a suitable outlet or soak-away. A 7mm range of double cuspated cores allow drainage to both sides of the Type 5 Findrain, which has the advantage of offering sub-base and cut off drainage as well as a high flow rate of 1.2 l/m/sec at HG 1.0 and 20kPa.

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