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Ecological Fencing

The control of protected Newts, Water Voles and Reptiles is an increasing problem. Keyline Rail has a solution for all applications.

Temporary and Permanent Upright Newt Fencing
Upright fencing systems are available in temporary and permanent options. Ideal for the control and containment of Great Crested Newt populations for short term and long term use.

Reptile Fencing

Developed for controlling and containing Reptile populations, Reptile Fencing is taller and thicker than the Newt system, ensuring optimum protection for the more mobile Reptile species.

Snake Fencing
This robust system is ideal for projects involving large snake species. Despite being tall this system can withstand all weather conditions even on the most exposed of sites. The thick end panels and speedy installation techniques, means that no other system is as strong or as efficient in controlling and containing snake populations.

Water Vole Fencing

The tallest and toughest of the range, this fencing system is specifically designed for water vole mitigation projects. The 6mm thick panel at a height of 1700mm is more than capable of containing these heavier and more mobile small mammals. Combined with a bury depth of 500mm this system is vandal resistant and will stand the duration of all projects. Once again, unlike other systems used for this purpose, Water Vole fencing is, as are all systems, fire retardant, 100% recyclable and produce zero product waste.

Download a PDF of our Geotechnics Guide here